Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning is not just about cold air, it’s for the winter months too where it reduces the build up of condensation on the inside of the windows, giving you a clearer and safer view of the road*.

Air conditioning gas naturally escapes though the rubber pipes that it is carried in, just like a football or a tyre loses pressure. When it reaches a certain level the system shuts down to prevent damage to the components. 

It is recommended that your air conditioning gas is replenished, along with the oil (known as PAG oil that is carried in the gas to lubricate the compressor and seals) every 24 months.

There are several types of gas which vary in price due to their environmental credentials. Please contact us for a price for your vehicle.

Repairs and fault diagnosis

Air conditioning systems can stop working, normally at the most inconvenient of times. Faults can include gas leaks (from radiators, seals or pipes) or the failure of the compressor.

Using our specialist equipment and our F-Gas certified Technicians, we can diagnose the fault for you and provide a cost for repair.

Air conditioning Refresh and Pollen filter

It is recommended that you leave your air conditioning on all year round. Even then, bacteria that breeds in the evaporator (the radiator in the dashboard) can cause unpleasant odours.

We remove the pollen filter element and inspect it for any build-up of debris which causes poor air flow to the air vents and additional smells. Our specialist air conditioning chemical is then applied directly to the source, leaving a fresh and bacterial free environment.

*Air conditioning units stop operating at ambient temperatures below 4 degrees C to prevent damage to the system from the parts freezing

Air Conditioning
Meet our team

Meet our team

Meet the team


  • Why do you recommend Genuine Parts?

    Genuine parts have been tested and produced by your Volkswagen Group manufacturer and are therefore are best suited for your vehicle, providing the highest levels of safety and reliability. Genuine parts have a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty*

    On occasions we can suggest aftermarket parts made by reputable makers who are known to produce parts and supply to the factory. 


    *Service items such as wiper blades and shock absorbers have a more limited warranty as they are subject to wear and tear and external forces. 


  • Is your labour rate really half that of main dealers?

    Yes, even though we are all trained in the same way and have the same equipment and computers as main dealers, due to our lower overheads our labour rates are 50% less than theirs. Many of our repairs have fixed prices and we always use genuine parts, unless you ask us to fit otherwise.

  • Is my warranty affected by you servicing a vehicle under 3 years old?

    No, absolutely not as we follow the manufacturers schedule, use genuine parts and update the digital service record. Our tools and equipment are the same as are used in the factory and main dealers. We are all group trained and attend courses at the Volkswagen Group head office in Milton Keynes.

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